Arcadia Vineyards

The first requirement for making special wines is growing special grapes. Here at Arcadia, viticultural practice is of paramount importance, combining modern means with traditional methods to grow grapes that bring forth the full potential of this terroir. 

Sustainable Viticulture

From the very first day of planting, we applied the methods of sustainable viticulture.  It is our priority to protect the balance of nature by avoiding the use of chemicals, wherever we can find natural alternatives.

For example, we use organic repellents for pest control, instead of traditional pesticides that kill all organisms. This helps increase the number of friendly bugs such as ladybirds, which feed on pests, thereby helping to protect the vines and their environment.

Lyre – A trellising system for quality

The training system we use is so-called because when you look at the end of a vine row, it opens out in a V, like the shape of a giant musical Lyre.

The Lyre trellis was developed to optimise vine health and grape quality in hot, dry climates. This innovative and elaborate system of posts and wires “lifts and separates” the vigorous, leafy shoots. It ensures optimal air circulation and light exposure within the vine canopy. Lyre trellising is not the cheapest or quickest system to install, or easiest to maintain, but it is a foundation of our sustainable approach. Lyre trained canopies are well aerated, and healthy, and lyre trained vines are very efficient in their use of water. Lyre trellising has been adopted enthusiastically by premium New-World producers, especially in Australia, but is also used by producers in hot and dry regions of France, for example. Arcadia is the first and (to date) only vineyard to use the Lyre trellising system in Turkey.